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...Order an Ostrom Photograph


There are almost 4,000 photographs available!

This page will allow you to search and place an order for photographs of family, friends, or acquaintances.


Order an image file (jpg) of an Ostrom photo!

Have it emailed.

Our fees are $10 for each 8x10 photo (or two 5 x7’s of the same photo) printed on photo paper.

$2 for each photo printed on plain paper or for each digital copy.

Plus $3 for postage and handling.

An invoice will be sent with the order.

Many photos include a border that would not be printed. We will send you the entire available image to allow you to crop to any size you desire. Having some border to "play with" may help you in your cropping endeavors. 

After you have completed your photo search below, simply print that search page and indicate which photo(s) you desire.

Mail the search page(s) and your check payable to SCHS to our address in Henderson.


On our "Store" website page, you can download and print a Purchase Order form.


Feel free to use our "Contact Us" website page to place an order instead.

Be sure to mail your check payable to SCHS.

We do not accept PayPal or credit/debit cards at this time.


Search by Last Name


Most photographs are of individuals or families and organized by name.


Simply click on a letter below and a listing will upload.

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Search by Town


Some photographs contain the name of the town of the individual or family.  You can search by town as well.


Simply click on a letter below and a listing will upload.

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Search by Church

Numerous photos exist for confirmation classes!

Many of the Ostrom photographs were not recorded by the name of the individual or family.  One such example is for churches.  Go back to the "Search by Last Name" section and look for your church.

For example:

Look for "Bernadotte Lutheran Church" under "B".

Look for "Immanuel Lutheran Church" under "I".

Look for "Methodist Church" under "M".