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Sibley County Courthouse

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A little postcard history

Undivided Back Postcard

"Postcard Era"


Divided Back Postcard

"The Golden Era"



Undivided Back - Publishers were allowed to use the word POSTCARD on the back, but no writing was allowed on the non-picture side, except for the address; space was left around the image on the front side for a message from the sender. Postcards from this era are still readily found with dealers at postcard shows, in antique stores, in your grandmother's attic, and can be obtained at a reasonably modest cost.

Divided BackPostcards could be printed with a vertical line on the back, with the area to the right of the line for the address, and the area to the left for a message.  Most cards were printed in Germany, and the lithography processes were so advanced that most cards from this period are spectacular.  Postcard sending and collecting became a mania, and this collecting frenzy was only slowed by World War I which cut off the supply of the quality cards from Germany.  This printing style still exists at present.




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