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County Auditor Documents

Lack of storage space and good housekeeping dictates the time for records removal. Records removal from Minnesota Government offices is controlled by statute. Some material can be discarded by schedule, some must be kept permanently. When a removal is planned, notice must be given to certain state offices. The Minnesota Historical Society (MHS) sends a staff member to remove any items chosen for preservation in their collections. Anything left can go into the dumpster or as happened this time, offered to some organization. The Sibley County Historical Society received notice that the county auditor had material left after removal of some selected items by MHS, so SCHS staff went to the courthouse in Gaylord and filled a car twice.

We certainly don't want to give our visitors the impression this new collection is "ready."  We have two volunteers (Pat & Roseann) at the museum performing an inventory and planning a retrieval system for these materials. We can field inquiries regarding the materials, but we are limited as there is no "index" yet.


For inquiries regarding this new collection, contact:

Arlene Busse

507-248-3687 or 507-351-5235 



Murder Documents from 1896

"I have my man thanks to you"  Sheriff


"Have murderer in custody"


"The following named persons served as Jurors at an Inquest held by me on the 5th day of July 1896 at Faxon, Minnesota over the dead body of Louis Basel late of Sibley Co. Minn." Chas. Kelley, Coroner Sibley Co.

Other Historical Documents


"Please send me your check for amount standing to the credit of Town of Alfsborg."



"If there is any money in county treasurer available for Ind. School Dist. No. 18, send out voucher for same, and oblige."



Yours Truly, August Muchow, Treasurer of Town Transit

Dec. 28, 1898


St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company


The County of Sibley - County Office Building

James C. Burbank became the St. Paul's second president in April 1865. Burbank died in 1876, and the company's secretary, Charles H. Bigelow, was elected president. Both of their signatures can be found on the above original 1873 RENEWAL CERTIFICATE.





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