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Ostrom Photos Identified Through Area Newspapers - 2017


Unidentified Ostrom photos were first published in area newspapers in January 2006.  Subscribers are asked to provide identifications to the Sibley County Historical Society.  Many photos have been identified through the newspapers.

Click on links below to see photos identified in past years.


Five photos have been identified in 2017.


We enthusiastically thank all newspapers participating in this project!


Gaylord Hub

Lafayette-Nicollet Ledger

Standard-Gazette and Messenger (Gibbon & Fairfax)

Winthrop News


Frank & Theresa Wolterman Family (Fairfax)

Daughters: Clarece, Jeanette, Shirley, Maribeth, Rosemary, Marilyn, Muriel, Joleen

Sons: Gerald, Duane, Stanley


Identified by: Daughter Marilyn (Fairfax) & son Gerald (Charles City, Iowa)


Harold Woods Jr., Barbara Woods Wittenberg, baby Gina Wittenberg, Maud McGee, and Harold Woods, Sr.

Identified by: Marlys Woods Schuette


Front: Loren Haus, Joleen Hall, Glenda Totman, Janice Hall, Pam Brethorst, unknown

Back: Barbara Haus, Mike Brigger, Rev. Wesley Pope, Tom Woods, Jeanette Gustafson

 Confirmation Class (Winthrop)

United Methodist Church

May 1965

Identified by: Janice Hall (Hutchinson)


Proprietor Clifford Guggisberg (left) with employee Richard Schmidt (right)

 Standard Station, Winthrop

c. 1965

Identified by: Janet Steffl, sister of Clifford (New Ulm)


Elaine Stresemann, Donna Anderson, Norville Stuber, & LeRoy Stuber

March 1953

Identified by: Donna (Winthrop)