Sibley County Historical Museum

   Home of the Sibley County Historical Society

Located in historic Henderson, Minnesota


 Sibley County Historical Society


 Mission Statement

The objective of the Historical Society shall be the collection, preservation and dissemination of knowledge about the history of Sibley County and to relate it to the history of the State of Minnesota.


Slide shows:  In and around our museum


S I B L E Y     C O U N T Y     H I S T O R I C A L     S O C I E T Y

B O A R D      OF     D I R E C T O R S

Jerome Petersen     President

Dwight Grabitske     Vice-President

Dorothy Peterson     Secretary

Rich Nagel     Treasurer

Sharon Haggenmiller     Curator

Judy Loewe - Marie Main - Millie Johnson - Sharon Shimota

Ruth Ann Buck - Mary Petersen - Steve Briggs

2015 Board Members

Back: Ruth Ann, Rommie, Steve, Rich, Dwight, Sharon S.

Front: Dorothy, Sharon H., Millie, Mary, Marie

Unavailable: Judy

Photo courtesy of: Becky Briggs

Most Recent Board Changes

June 2014: Rich Nagel replaces Ray Meyer as Treasurer.

February 2015: Added Steve Briggs.




The August F. Poehler house, built in the summer of 1884 from locally produced brick and mill work and completed during the winter of 1885, is now the Sibley County Historical Museum and home to the Sibley County Historical Society.

National Registry of Historic Places in 1982.

Opening Times

The museum opens on Memorial Day and continues Sundays 2:00 - 5:00 p.m. through October.  We close for the winter.  Group tours are available during the off-season. To schedule a tour, contact us by e-mail or phone.

We are also open for special occasions and events.

Genealogy can be done at other times, but an appointment is required.


Members are admitted free of charge.

Non-member cost is $2 per person. 


Cemetery Records     -     Sharon Shimota

Country School Project     -     Dorothy Peterson 

Events     -     Judy Loewe

Genealogy     -     Arlene Busse, Sharon Haggenmiller

Memberships     -     Rich Nagel

Museum Collections     -     Sharon Haggenmiller

Newsletter Distribution     -     Rich Nagel

Ostrom Photographs     -     Becky Briggs

Presidential Happenings     -     Rommie Petersen

Tour Guides/Appts.     -     Sharon Haggenmiller, Marie Main

Website     -     Steve Briggs


We are easy to find, situated in the little town of Henderson which is nestled in the valley along the winding Minnesota River. Three different highways will bring you into town - MN State Highway 19, Highway 93, and Sibley County #6 (also known as The Scenic Byway).

Take any of these scenic routes to visit us on a Sunday afternoon during our open season (June-October). You will find the drive to be a beautiful one and the museum, with our gracious tour hosts, to be well worth the visit!!

Follow this link to a map of Sibley County